CubeBuilders New Years 2022 Build Battle

CubeBuilders New Years 2022 Build Battle
Post by: Asheiou - January 14th, 2022, 7:41:11 pm

Hello CubeBuilders!
It’s that time of the month again – the build battle! This month’s theme is New Year!

We’re doing things a little different this time with only 2 votes – public & panel. Your panel vote is out of 120 in total, 40 points to theme, 40 to technique, and 40 points up for grabs in personal preference (over 4 judges). The public vote will be out of however many votes we get – so you voting really does make all the difference! The votes will be added together and whoever has the highest score will win!

The event runs from 22nd January 2022 10pm GMT / 5pm EST ‘til the same time on the 29th January!

1st place: $10 store credit & 5000 CubeTokens
2nd place: 2500 CubeTokens
3rd place: 1000 CubeTokens

---> Sign up here <---

- Anything built on the plot given to you that isn't part of the contest is grounds for disqualification!
- Only build on your own plot! Griefing your competition’s builds is not only disqualifying but also may result in a ban!
- Must be built by yourself and only yourself! Yes, we can see who placed what blocks and when! We can also see if copy and paste was used, so don’t do it!
- All CubeBuilders server rules also apply

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