February Build Battle: RESULTS

February Build Battle: RESULTS
Post by: Asheiou - February 21st, 2022, 6:20:25 pm
Last edit: February 21st, 2022, 6:32:55 pm

This month's build battle has come to an end, and the winner has been chosen! Without further ado, the results!

1ST: Livie - 177/180 ($10 Store Credit, 5000 CT, and statue at spawn)
2ND: DumplinWhale - 151/180 (2500 CT)
3RD: KippyCan - 144/180 (not eligible for prize)

4TH: Fulto7 - 119/180 (1000 CT)
5TH: CreativeCub - 102/180

Thanks for participating! See you next month <3
- Asheiou -

Individual scores
Panel vote:
1st Livie 119/120: The panel liked your creative use of glass for texturing and the overall high quality of your build!
2nd DumplinWhale 102/120: The panel was a big fan of the hot air balloon & general theming!
3rd KippyCan 101/120: The axolotls were very cute & the theming was interesting and unique!
4th Fulto7 84/120: The panel liked the interesting application of your skills, & the chocolate box was a very well-executed touch!
5th CreativeCub 65/120: The tree was very cute, harkening back to childhood classic books was a clever idea!

Community vote:
1st Livie 58/60
2nd DumplinWhale 49/60
3rd KippyCan 43/60
4th CreativeCub 37/60
5th Fulto7 35/60

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