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There's a feature we've been hiding from you...

Welcome to MagicHopper! Silver+ players can benefit from item sorting, and Gold+ players from so many more tools! This post is going to serve as a tutorial.

Silver+ features
Silver players get access to the basic features of MagicHopper. Forget expensive, bulky item sorters, you can simply place a sign to allow or block certain items from entering a hopper!

Allowing items
This is done through a sign reading
allow [item]
which only allows anything matching the [item] in. This accepts abbreviated item names, such as "cobble" for cobblestone. It just checks if what you have put as the item is in the name of the item that passes over it, eg. "allow sign" will allow any signs through, no matter their wood type!

Blocking items
Similarly, you can block items from entering a hopper by typing
block [item]
which will allow everything but the items specified to pass through.

Allow and block can be stacked for convenience.
allow sign
block spruce
will allow all but spruce signs to enter the chest.
If you run out of room on one sign, you can place another sign on the same hopper to continue. Tests are ran from the top of the first sign to the bottom of the last sign.

Gold+ features
Now we get onto the really useful part of the MagicHopper plugin! These signs are super powerful!

when attached to a dropper will automatically drop items out of it without the need for a redstone clock. It doesn't, however, apply to dispensers.

will compact all compactable items into blocks, eg. gold ingots into gold blocks. It's helpful if you're producing a lot of compactable farm output!

will count all items that pass through the hopper. Useful for checking how much your farm is outputting of each thing without having to count manually.

(Creative only) Duplicate
will duplicate a hopper's contents into whatever you hook it up to, for example a dispenser! If you want to give things out, this prevents you from having to restock!

will only let an item in if it is the same as the one currently in the furnace.

skip [number]
will reject [number] attempts at accepting an item before taking it in. Very useful for multi-furnace arrays where you need to spread fuel equally.

I hope this guide is useful! As a bonus for reading, you can use code MAGIC25 to get 25% off Silver or Gold!

Thanks for reading,

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