CubeBuilders Creative Museum

CubeBuilders Creative Museum
Post by: Asheiou - January 2nd, 2023, 1:16:33 pm
Last edit: January 31st, 2023, 6:28:43 pm

Happy New Year, CubeBuilders!
I have an exciting announcement to make - we’re opening a museum of YOUR BUILDS! That’s right, you can submit any build you’ve ever made to be added to a world that anyone can visit. What’s more, we’ll give you 500 CubeTokens if you submit a build. It can be anything, from a castle, to a spaceship, to a village! We’ll also be doing community awards, with even more CubeTokens & rank upgrades available for you if you win one! Detailed information is available below.

The Build
You can submit any build that you have ever personally created on CubeBuilders Creative, up to a maximum size of 250x250 blocks. For it to be accepted, evidence that you built it provided. The proof we will accept is:
The building being on your own plot
A sign with your name on it by/in the building, placed before this announcement
Screenshots of the building process
Anything else that could link the building to you

If you submit your build before the deadline of 15th February 2023, you will be entitled to 500 CubeTokens. Each player can only submit one build. Submissions must be substantial, but can be small.

You can find the submissions form here. Feel free to mark out where your entry is using coloured wool or another distinct block, so we don’t copy the wrong thing! Entities, such as armour stands and paintings, will not copy over, so please bear this in mind!

Community Awards
We’ll be giving out several awards based on certain criteria, as well as several awards based on a community vote.
These are the criteria awards (for a 500 CubeToken reward):
Largest build (by footprint)
Tallest build (including basements)
Most block types used

And here are the community votes (for a rank upgrade, or 5000 CubeTokens if you already have Gold):
Originality (what build stands out the most?)
Technical ability (what build shows the greatest knowledge of Minecraft?)
Personal preference (which one do you like the most?)

There will also be 1 build marked as the “staff pick”, whose owner will receive a further 1000 CubeTokens (staff members’ builds are excluded from the staff pick).

Get your builds in by the end of the month to win lots of prizes and help contribute to our museum! You’ve got nothing to lose, and a lot to gain.

~ The Admin Team ~

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