The Server has been upgraded to 1.7.9!

The Server has been upgraded to 1.7.9!
Post by: SiggiJG - April 18th, 2014, 2:17:30 pm

Hey there CubeBuilders!

Today Ive just completed the upgrade to 1.7.9, so CubeBuilders now runs the latest and greatest version of Minecraft - thats version 1.7.9!

Note that this upgrade temporarily breaks the Hall of Fame, all skins in Hall of Fame will be Steve skins. This is easy to fix though, all you need to do is log in at least once using the same name as the account in the Hall of Fame.

I have deactivated (the unannounced) TurboLogin system as it was causing problems with MineChat, and it will only be activated whenever Mojangs servers are down, to allow players to continue playing while Mojangs servers are down. TurboLogin is a login system that skips contacting Mojang servers youre logging in from the same IP address as your last login.

Players using any version between 1.7.2 and 1.7.9 (but NOT 1.7.8) should be able to login now!

Have fun building, or raiding, whichever you do!

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