Introduction Template (optional)

Introduction Template (optional)
Post by: SiggiJG - February 29th, 2016, 1:05:11 pm

This is the Introduction Template for CubeBuilders

You don't need to use this template! This is just for the types of people who like to use fill in the blanks.

After you submit your introduction, please Like us on Facebook and share CubeBuilders with your friends! Don't forget to vote everyday!

Copy the below into a new thread and fill in the blanks.
Hello CubeBuilders!

My name is ________. I am ___ years old. I am a [choose one: guy or girl] who loves to ________________ and play on the CubeBuilders MC server. I have played Minecraft for __ years. My favourite food is [choose one: pizza, burgers, sushi, steak, or _fill_in_the_blank_]. I live in [insert country] and currently [choose one: attend high school, attend elementary school, attend college, attend university, have a job, or jobless].

I like to: indicate by inserting "x" inside brackets (and no, you can't take the x out of Play on CubeBuilders Server :P)
(x) Play Minecraft
(x) Play on CubeBuilders Server
( ) Raid other factions
( ) Go hunting for creepers
( ) Kill zombies
( ) Launch TNT cannons
( ) Build in Creative mode
( ) PvP
( ) Go mining
( ) Farm
( ) Kill the Ender dragon
( ) Watch YouTube videos
( ) Make YouTube videos
( ) Eat sushi
Copy the above into a new thread and fill in the blanks.

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