A silly intro

A silly intro
Post by: androosu - January 9th, 2016, 9:34:20 pm

Ive alrdy made a intro but Im mean.. like I care. I decided to make a st00pid one bc Im st00pid. Anyway, here I go! Also, take none of this serious.
My IGN is John_Cena and Im -12 years old, born in the year 2027. (I think) Ive never joined the server of Minecraft which is impossible cuz I wouldnt b able 2 make a account on the forums. I go to college on Mars with my alien friends. I found a template to use:

I like to: indicate by inserting "uwnube" inside brackets (and no, you cant take the x out of Play on CubeBuilders Server :P)
(all day eryday) Play Minecraft
(I just did) Play on CubeBuilders Server
(wots the point of Skyblock?) Play Skyblock
(eh maybe) Raid other factions
(DERR) Go hunting for creeper
(LIKE A BOSS) Launch TNT cannons
(the pixel art Is real) Build in Creative mode
(im to skrub srry) PvP
(freak no im to lazy) Go mining
(farm wot? exp farm is mah lyfe) Farm
(2 lazy) Kill the Ender dragon
(what other better way to drink hot chocolate?) Watch YouTube videos
(ive made A video) Make YouTube videos
(eww no ) Eat sushi

I really hope u guys didnt take that seriously XD

Re: A silly intro
Post by: slimestein - January 10th, 2016, 10:10:49 am

[quote author=Gabby_Stars_ link=topic=5306.msg28389#msg28389 date=1452393260]
Ive never joined the server of CubeBuilders which is impossible cuz I wouldnt b able 2 make a account on the forums.
Well you are wrong on this one

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