To be able to blow up obby with tnt

To be able to blow up obby with tnt
Post by: ImKinz - August 5th, 2016, 8:25:06 pm

I think we should have a obby braker bc i want to cannon bases that have obby and no one likes to waste time killing wither skellys.
I want ... not done

To be able to blow up obby with tnt
Post by: Jrost - August 5th, 2016, 9:50:53 pm

But if it was easier to break bases with obsidian around them, raiding wouldn't be as fun. :/ Part of the fun is the challenge.

To be able to blow up obby with tnt
Post by: Chippos - September 16th, 2016, 7:37:04 pm

You want in the base? don't be lazy take the time to collect the resources for a proper raid. You take weeks to build a base out of obby, then we get an obby breaker that takes a fraction of the time to destroy the base and all the time you wasted. How would you feel then?

The vanilla obby breaker is way more fair.

cough cough ~ wither

To be able to blow up obby with tnt
Post by: Reykjavikingur - September 27th, 2016, 3:15:54 pm

Agreed. There's no point in being able to break obsidian (without at least one wither summoning). That would make TNT horribly overpowered, and it will not be any fun to make a base (meaning, no one will bother doing it).

To be able to blow up obby with tnt
Post by: KROM666 - September 29th, 2016, 5:46:32 am

Well guys I personally think they should add Obby breaker plugin because it would be more fun to see more people online playing factions and building bigger and really defensive bases/walls. And it's kind of hard make a good TNT cannon because TNT is expensive.( I would make the plugin where it takes more than 10 TNT shots to break obby or son on)

Re:To be able to blow up obby with tnt
Post by: bjammies - November 16th, 2017, 8:41:16 am

Yo Luc4r1o here.

An obby breaker plugin is something I agree is a good idea. (As I put it in my suggestions post, which disappeared? Admins help xd) Most factions servers use it because withers are horribly ineffiecent, diffucult to create and use. It means that factions have to consider more than just throwing an obby box in the sea, walls have to be used and more skill will be required in making cannons. Withers require less skill, just more patience. TNT cannons can split bases quick and are fun and skill is required to build and use the stronger ones. It would mean people would have to be more active and spend more time on factions. Plus, being raided isn't a huge deal anymore since shulkers boxes in an enderchest is pretty much an indestructible base in your pocket. Also, TNT is expensive, arguably worth more than wither skulls when the plugin is added, and I personally believe the amount of TNT to destroy obby should be between 5 and 15 TNT.


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