Event Host Plugin

Event Host Plugin
Post by: Jerio - September 18th, 2016, 11:44:25 pm

Hello everyone, I had an idea today for a plugin that would be able to host rps, build-offs, and just about anything. Posted below are a couple of examples.

ServerEventHoster - An easy way to host events

/event_host [event_name] [time_til_event_starts][duration] [number_of_participants] [custom_description]
/event_join [event_name]

If I were to do /event_host [Build_Off] [10 (minutes)][30 (minutes)] [4] [Build your best creation in 30 minutes!]

Players could do /event_list and it would show the current events

+ Jer4 is hosting a BuildOff in 10 minutes!
+ Siggi8 is hosting an RP

Or while the event is happening

/event_info [Event_Name]

/event_info BuildOff
+ Jer4's BuildOff has [5] minutes left.
+ 4/4 players have joined.

Or if Siggi88 was going to host a rp, he could type

/eventhost RP 1hr 3hr 6 Join Siggi's RP for a fun time!

I could type
/event_info RP and it would show up as

+ Siggi88 is hosting an RP in 1 hour.
+ 5/6 people have joined.
+ Join Siggi's RP for a fun time!

What do you guys think?

Event Host Plugin
Post by: KROM666 - September 19th, 2016, 9:03:15 am

Complicated but OK...

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