Minigame Idea

Minigame Idea
Post by: chumii - September 2nd, 2017, 7:26:06 am

So I was talking with Jrost, and we came across the topic of minigames. I suggested we try to think of a new game, and our idea was pretty good.
So here it is.

Resource Race
Resource Race is a 2-4 player minigame about mining resources from a randomized 24x24x24 box to earn points.
Each player will start out with a diamond pickaxe that can only mine the resources in the box.
When getting an item, you earn points for what it is. Stone is worthless, obviously. Coal, Lapiz and Redstone give 1 point each, Iron gives 2 points, Gold gives 3, Diamonds give 5, and emeralds give 7.
You have 2 Minutes and 30 seconds to gather as much resources as you can in your little ore box.
The player with the most points wins, and everyone recieves cubetokens based on the points obtained (We haven't come up with a system for this yet).

We hope you take this into consideration, and have a nice day.

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